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Gift-Giving Woes

The holidays are the most anticipated time of year, but with that excitement comes the pressure of trying to find the perfect gift for those “challenging” people to shop for.

So, how could Verizon mitigate the stress of shopping, while also reminding people that it’s better to give than to receive?

Our Holiday Hero

Our response to gift-giving woes was a chatbot using AI to turn emojis into gift recommendations.

Holiday shoppers could find the perfect holiday gift options by simply describing the person they’re shopping for in 5 emojis. Based on the provided emojis the AI would then ‘guess’ what sort of person was described and recommend the best holiday gifts to match their interests.

Emoji Bot Experience

164 unique shoppable products featured

Used library of 2,568 emojis across 3 OS

Over 4 million possible combinations

Dozens of easter egg responses created

Unique category replies based on emojis used

Custom shareable emoji GIF created based on OS

Influencer videos reached 750k+ users

390k+ messages exchanged in 2 weeks
+356% more shopper traffic than 2017
Average of 1.5 minute user
interaction within chatbot
85% interaction rate
82% positive sentiment